Bob Lancaster

For Municipal Court Judge.

Bob Lancaster

For Municipal Court Judge.

Dear Voters!

Election Day is rapidly approaching. We need your help to insure that the most qualified candidate is elected for Municipal Court Judge.

Experience, common sense and vision. Those are the traits needed for this position. Those of you who know me can attest that I possess those traits.

For those who do not know me, I want to assure you that I am qualified, competent and hardworking.

If elected, I want to take the Municipal Court in a New Direction. A direction that is being promoted by both the Governor and the Ohio Supreme Court.

Clark County has a rich heritage of Military Sacrifice and Service. Many families work at WPAFB and Springfield-Beckley Air National Guard Base. These military families, together with the active and retired military personnel have had a tremendous impact on our community. Their sacrifice and service is unparalleled. Accordingly, it is only fitting that our judiciary evolve to implement a new approach for justice. I believe that this new direction will benefit both Veterans and our community.

I propose that we honor our Veterans by establishing a Veterans Court. A Veterans Court will identify eligible Veterans and provide them with a diversion program where applicable.

Here is how you can help Bob Lancaster get elected and make Veterans Court a reality.

  1. Register to vote and cast your vote for Bob, May 4, 2021.
  2. Let us use your name as a supporter and allow us to put up a yard sign at your home and business.
  3. Contribute up to $600.00 per person to support Bob’s campaign. Your contribution will allow us to share our message with others.

To join our list of supporters or to request a yard sign, please email bob@boblancasterforjudge.com or Facebook (Bob Lancaster for Municipal Court Judge) with your name and address.

To contribute, please send your check made payable to:

Lancaster for Judge,
P.O. Box
313, Springfield, Ohio 45501.

About Bob Lancaster

We can all agree that the Pandemic, the Presidential election and its aftermath have caused all of us to pause and take stock in our lives. “Unprecedented” is the most common word used to describe our situation. With this in mind, after 33 years in the private practice of law, I believe that my skills can be better utilized by becoming a public servant and by providing judicial leadership in our Municipal Court.

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